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We just had the most wonderful experience wine tasting at your winery! Our friends came from Denver for Country Jam and wanted to do some wine tasting. Your winery was the next stop and what a refreshing difference. The girls working today were absolutely amazing. Knowledge and, friendly! We stayed much longer than we initially planned and all of us bought several bottles of your fabulous wines!
PS I've also found a new fav wine - Coral
— Melissa and Carl Slagle

We had a great visit yesterday. Wines were great, weather was perfect, the orchard and vineyard was a first class operation and host Theresa and Scott welcomed us like old friends. What a great stop on our bike ride of the Mesa. We will be back.

Joe and Maggie Armstrong

Greetings. WOW!! I just tasted your Cabernet at our Thanksgiving dinner last night and it was fabulous. Great job. The bottle was a gift from a good friend of mine and it was wonderful evryone at the table enjoyed it so much. Now, how can I get more?? Can I buy some from you directly? Do you have a wine club? Please help. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you!


I recently tried your Cabernets at a restaurant in Grand Junction and was quite surprised at the quality of the wine. I was trying to see if your wine was available in the Houston area. How do I go about obtaining your wine? Thanks

Keith Fletcher

COLTERRIS Wow! Taste is out of this world. To your success.
Thank you for the tour and the wine racking demo.  Rainbow’s are in your lives. Your pot of gold “God” in Christ Jesus.
God Bless Us.

Deacon Leo

We were over to visit a couple of weeks ago and bought a case of the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. We opened a bottle tonight and I just wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed it. Thank you. 

Dee Wisor

Hello, my boyfriend and I visited your peach orchard and vineyard the weekend of the wine festival. I have never explored a winery before, Theresa, I loved the way you spoke with love and conviction for your husband, family and the wines. Scott, you picked my boyfriend and I from the table and invited us to join the group on a tour. You too spoke with love and pride for your wife and the products you grow. I want you to know that I was impressed and impacted. I have told the story now many times and encouraged friends and family to support you by buying your peaches and wine. It is lovely to see love in action. Thank you for sharing your passion with Tom and me. Take care


Dear Theresa and Scott,
I just had to send you a note to thank you for making our weekend at Winefest so memorable.  We so enjoyed meeting you at the Il Bistro Italiano dinner on Friday night with our friends from Texas.  It was a wonderful dining experience thanks to your wines so well paired with the food.  
We are already sharing our discovery of your wine with our neighbors and all whom we entertain.  
Theresa, the peaches were magnificent and we will drop by for some more next summer.
Thanks again, it was truly a pleasure meeting both of you.

Lynn and Dannel Agar

Just recently, we came through Grand Junction and bought a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, we were not from the area when we toasted to family and the many blessings we had received on our trip. Anyway, can we purchase several bottles from you?


Just had Colterris Cab at Salt restaurant in Boulder. It was excellent! Absolutely floored that Colorado could produce such a big red wine!

Scot McQueen

..from Zorroipad on Sept. 8, 2010 -
Greetings to Scott,Theresa and Keenan
Once again, many thanks for your warm and generous hospitality. And to finish the evening trying our hand on an antique tractor ride was better than I or Mauricio could ever have hoped for. Go to Cafe Brazil Denver facebook to see postings from the trip.
Best Wishes

Tony, Mauricio and Family.

COLTERRIS Colorado Grand Valley Wine Dave Buchanan of the Grand Junction Sentinel writing about this year's Colorado Mountain Winefest:

 "The consensus favorite this year? Colterris, the [2008] Cabernet Sauvignon from Theresa High."




Planet Wines recommended your wine to me! Wow! My husband and I are very impressed! Looking to buy a case as soon as we can. You guys rock!

Tami Menhennett




Robert Mandeau




My wife Susan and our friends Gary and Sally Wolfson visited your beautiful orchard and vineyard at the end of August.  I was in Lukas Liquors yesterday and was excited to see Colterris on the shelf.  Suffice to say, there was less of it on the shelf after I left.
Please express our thanks to Scott for the great tour.

Wes Zepelin, CFA



I live in Atlanta and would like to purchase a case of wine.

Please keep me on any mailing list your may have. Your wine is terrific!

Thank you,

Mark Galvin
Senior Account Executive
Atlanta Marriott Marquis

I don't know if you remember us, but we were the couple that visited your orchard from Nebraska.  On your suggestion, we did go to Grand Junction and found your wine.  We did indeed purchase it.  My daughter will be turning 21 soon, and I intend to unveil your wine for the party.  It was truly a pleasure meeting you and your family.

Bob Burt
Senior Network Administrator
National Indemnity Company

Good morning Theresa,

I received an email from my friend Kay this morning.  She is at a dog show in Denver and she took some bottles of Colterris with her.

Everybody loves it!!!!!!    Specially their friends from Spain!!   :o)

Just wanted to let you know.