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High Country Orchard Also Has Award Winning Wine

From: News

September 16, 2011

PALISADE, Colo. --When Scott High proposed to his wife Theresa years ago, he said he could not promise her a rose garden, but he would promise her a vineyard. About ten years ago, Theresa told Scott she was ready for that vineyard and to start making their own wine.Theresa High says Colorado's climate is perfect for growing grapes or fruit in general. And a lot of that has to do with our altitude."The cool river nights and hot summer days that allow the sugar levels to raise in the fruit," she said.The High family released their Colterris wine for the first time at wine fest last year, and they walked away with a gold medal."We'll always have 100 percent Colorado grapes in our wine as well as grapes from our vineyards," Theresa said.And when they named their wine, they had to call it something that represented just that."Col is short for Colorado and 'terris' means from the land in Latin, so the name of the wine means from the Colorado land."Theresa says they have seen a high demand for their wine since introducing it last year."The demand has been greater than our supply at this point in time," she said.And she says it's not like they're producing just one or two cases."A thousand cases of the wine last year of the Cabernet Sauvignon and this year 15 hundred. Next year we will grow to 25 hundred the eventual total capacity of that vineyard we expect to be about five thousand cases."One customer said she did not know about the High families wine until today, but she will definitely look for it next time she is at the store."The second wine that I tried was the Cabernet," Brenda Miller said. "That tasted like it would really be good with steak or a nice big meal of meat."Colterris wines are now available at over 60 liquor stores and at nearly 100 restaurants throughout the state. But Theresa says they want to stay close to their roots."We would like to maintain control of our quality and really maintain ourselves as a boutique winery, a smaller quality oriented and family operated vineyard and orchard business," she said.The High family has four vineyards, all of which are named after members of their immediate family. They say one of their next wines will combine grapes from all four vineyards, and be their reserve wine.