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WINEMAKING at Colterris 


Bo Felton - Winemaker

Raised in Colorado, Bo was introduced to wine by his grandfather—an avid home winemaker. Each vintage, after his grandfather had driven a van full of grapes from California to Colorado, Bo and his family would de-stem the fruit by hand and ultimately help turn it into wine. These early experiences left Bo with a fascination for wine, and planted the seed for his future career.

Bo studied ecology, population and organism biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After completing his degree, he moved to California where he landed a coveted winemaking position at Duckhorn Wine Company’s Goldeneye and Migration Wine division, and met his mentor Zach Rasmuson. “Zach taught me to be a steward of the vineyards and to respect the quality of the fruit in the winery.” Eager to gain international experience, Bo went to New Zealand to work a harvest at Rapaura Vintners. “Bo is a true talent,” says Zach. “He has vision, focus, a highly developed palate, and an innate understanding of winemaking. He also has a deep respect for his craft that is impressive for a young winemaker.”

Over the next ten years, Bo became intimately familiar with site-specific wines that show their cool-climate pedigree —a familiarity that allows Bo to make balanced wines. Combining experience gained on two continents, Bo practices a vineyard-driven approach to winemaking that accentuates the character and complexity of the growing conditions and geological locations of the vineyards which he brings to Colterris.




Justin Jannusch – Assistant Winemaker

With a background in Colorado winemaking with BookCliff Vineyards since 2006, Justin has over ten years of viticulture and vinification experience that make him a great fit for Colterris. He is a certified sommelier and has studied winemaking styles internationally. He received a B.S. degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder before immersing himself in the world of winemaking and grape growing.

Justin has extensive and well-rounded experience supervising and monitoring the daily operations of the winery with an incredible attention to detail from harvest crush to racking, blending, bottling and tasting room operations. He is truly at home in Colorado organizing and hosting winemaker events, educational programs and consumer sales at Colterris. Justin has first-hand experience and knowledge of what it means to make wines “from the Colorado land”.