We invite you to visit us at Colterris Winery at 3548 E 1/2 Road in Palisade, Colorado. We are located on East Orchard Mesa at the corner of 35 1/2 and E 1/2 Roads. Our award winning orchards, vineyards and gardens stretch over 96 acres along the banks of the scenic Colorado River. We harvest 15 different varieties of tree ripened peaches, three varieties of sweet cherries, red and white vinifera wine grapes and fresh garden vegetables.

Directions from Clifton are: take Highway 141 (32 Rd.) south 3 miles until you cross the Colorado River. Take the next left on C 1/2 Rd. and follow the switch backs to 35 1/2 Rd. & E 1/2 Rd. (approx. 5 miles)

Directions from I-70 Palisade are: take Exit 42 south to Highway 6. Turn left on Highway 6 and go east over the Colorado River to 38 Rd. Turn right on 38 Rd. and go south following the switch backs to E 1/2 Rd. & 35 1/2 Rd. (approx.4 miles)